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Sanitizing Fabric Mat

There is nothing more important for a company among other things that to give an excellent first impression to attract new clients and made the former clients feel good and at home, that is why we bring to you the best quality in custom made company logo rugs and mats, we can make your company look professional, as we help delivered all the services you can offer to everybody.

A isinfecting Door Mat entrance mat is a very necessary and standard component to have in any type of business. It is utilized in all types of businesses, in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, retail stores, production plants, government offices, gyms, schools, convention centers, etc, essentially all businesses that have employees and customers working or visiting a building.

An entrance mat makes your customer and employees feel welcome as they arrive at the building. A mat is a necessity because without an entrance mat visitors can bring in dirt and debris from the outside.  The mat provides a way to clean any residue from shoes ensuring that as they walk in the building with cleaner shoes it will help avoid accidents such as slips and falls. The entrance mat helps keep the building clean and healthier for everyone.

SKU Description Length Height Width Weight
SFM-01-001 No. 12700 Sanitizing Fabric Mat 6″ 4″ 4″ 4 lbs

Generally, heavy duty office floor mats often begin to crack over time and use; however our products do not happen to them since the rubber used in our office mats is not only of very high quality but also the process of realizing these is careful and planned from the design of the carpet.

We are manufacturers of rubber mats and other materials, and today we are cataloged as the best manufacturers in the country, so the presentation of each and every one of our products is done with the benefit and satisfaction of our customers in mind.

When a potential customer takes a peek into a company whether is a big commercial chain or a small store, it is very important to give that person a small idea what exactly is your business about, our custom made logo rugs can make that happen for you, we can present to you all the model and design we have and if you can´t find what you need, you can give us your logo design and we will create an original mat for your company, together with a phrase of your preference to help you sell the product or service you offer. You will make your visitors feel so good that your sells for sure will rise to the sky.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your boss, don´t look anymore, we have what you need, a custom made rug that your boss will love, you can give us the design you want to print and we will create a long lasting custom mat, made with the best material and high resolution printing. If you desire we can also add a personal message on the rug if the company is celebrating an anniversary or any other message you would like to give. This gift will be remembered forever and so will you.

By getting our custom rugs and mats you will have no worries on high cost maintenance, these rugs and mats are resistant to high foot traffic, they absorb water, snow and also they catch all the dirt people can bring from outside, which can lower your cleaning costs and efforts. Buying our custom made rugs and mats are a great investment for your company, they will last a life time and they will always look colorful, vibrant and perfect.

We have designs for all kind of business, law offices, stores, company offices, insurance offices, doctors offices, etc, you can place them wherever you want, the entrance, hallways, between floors, offices, they come in different sizes and shapes, contact us to order now and we will make you dream custom made rug possible. We deliver all over the United States.

Footwear sanitizing mats. Disinfecting Door Mat. Boot dip mats

A Rubber Scraper is made out of nitrile rubber therefore making it an extremely durable mat that is well suited for outdoors. This mat is an excellent scraper mat and aggressively scrapes dirt off of shoes. It is extremely easy to clean by vacuuming or with water.

If you are wanting a more elegant look with a carpet feel, the Plain Premium Mat is your mat. It is a high quality mat made of polypropylene fiber. The surface of this mat is stain resistant. It is durable and has excellent high walking traffic performance. This mat can be used under an awning so that it is partly protected from weather conditions.

A Dual Rib Entrance Mat is a great choice for a more elegant look and will look great at entrances of hotels, hospitals, restaurants, retail shops and office buildings. It is a very durable mat that has a heavy duty backing. It eliminates moisture and cleans dirt off of shoes. It offers excellent water absorption and it dries very quickly. It is stain resistant and easy to maintain.

For areas where there is heavy water concentration, the Waterhog Classic Mat offers extra absorption and can withstand harsh rain and snow conditions. The surface is a pattern specifically designed with raised nubs for the purpose of absorbing water and creating a safer anti-skid floor. It is certified “high traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.

For more detailed information please give us a call and we will be happy to let you know which can be the best mat choice based on your needs.