Speed Bumps & Humps

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Speed Bumps & Humps For Driveways & Parking Lots

There are several benefits of recycled plastic or rubber Speed Bumps and Speed Humps over regular and traditional asphalt or concrete bumps, and those specific benefits are:

  • These speedbumps and humps are made out of 100% recycled material that contributes to the ecology.
  • Thanks to their colored rubber material they never loose their color or brightness so you will never need to retouch the paint.
  • Bumpers and humpers are light weight, easy to transport so it’s a simple one-person installation.
  • Easy to remove for pavement maintenance or area maintenance, this helps to facilitate the job and eliminates time to every process.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • Effective costs because it has years of high performance with low maintenance. These low costs and low maintenance give the clients the opportunity to have a great product without affecting the company budget.

What’s the difference between a speed bump and a speed hump?

Speed Bumps are designed to improve pedestrian safety through slowing down vehicles in areas where slow speed is a must since it reduces the risk of accidents on residential street, driveways and parking lots. The average speed of a vehicle on a speed bump is between 2 to 5 mph.

Reinforce the stop signs in parking lots and roads and are made to slow down drivers to between 2 to 5 mph, this helps reducing accidents where you need to almost stop the vehicle in the area.

Speed Humps on the other hand, slow down vehicles to between 10 to 15 mph.

Slow traffic on public roads such as schools, hospitals, applies to where they need to reduce the speed but not stop a vehicle. Where emergency vehicles transit and they need to keep going. Industrial areas or areas with heavy truck traffic where high speeds can lead to an overturned vehicle or provoke an accident.

Yellow Recycled Plastic Speed Bumps

Our online store stocks several different lengths of speed bumps for sale from 6 to 25 inches for immediate shipment. You can combine bumps of different lengths to accommodate any width of parking lot or lane.

Choose from our wide variety of speed bumps. All Speed bumps have reflective yellow tape that help to increase safety in low light conditions.

Reflective Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps for sale

When we created our reflective recycled rubber speed bumps, we thought about creating an efficient product to improve the safety of pedestrians and motorists, that´s why we used the very best materials for manufacture and made sure we made the best shape and texture to improve its performance and endurance.

Our speed reducers are made of highly resistant recycled rubber with two installation holes and reflective yellow tapes that allow much greater visibility at any time of the day, while their one-piece construction notably increases their life time. The covers help for the drivers never notices that there is two parts of the Bump.

You can combine bumps of different lengths to accommodate any width of parking lot or lane.

Recycled Rubber Speed Humps for Sale

Being much gentler than speed bumps, emergency vehicles don’t need to slow down as much as they do with Speed Bumps maintaining the safety of the areas where they are installed. They are highly visible and reflective.

We are sure that either our Speed Bumps or our Speed Humps will exceed all your expectations of quality and durability.