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How to install parking blocks:

A- Position the parking block where you want to install it. Using the holes molded in the parking block as templates, mark the location of each hole on the asphalt surface and remove the parking block.

B- Drill each marking through pavement to create space for steel spikes. Clean and dry area. Reposition parking block so pre-sunk bolt holes align with drilled pavement holes.

C- Hammer a spike through the center bolt hole into drilled hole until snug against counterbore hole. Repeat for each bolt hole

What are parking blocks and what are the good for?

Low profile curbs will not damage vehicles with low front ends, High quality perfect for any parking areas, Designed to endure weather and vehicle contact, It has 4 mounting holes for permanent installation on asphalt or concrete ground, Includes Hardware for Mounting, Material: Rubber, Length: 6 ft., Quick installation, rebar spikes sold separately.

Also features of the parking blocks are that they are Made of 80% virgin rubber and 20% recycled rubber, which makes it more resistant. Heavy duty reflective stripes to improve night time visibility, Our recycled rubber parking blocks are weather resistant with great durability, Impervious to sunlight or road salt and in addition Conforms to uneven surfaces.

Our parking block is sturdy and durable and easily to be carried and installed by one person, since they are light weighed just 34 lbs., also this product is very cost effective, it has an excellent durability at a very low cost. We can ship in the complete nation and our products are ready in stock to be sent within a day.

The Parking Block gives also a more professional and safe look to nay parking area, they feature molded reflective tape for high visibility and safety. Commercial Parking blocks are made with high standards and we at Unimat Traffic offers the best prices on the market, we have all of our products in stock and they are ready to be shipped right away.

Unimat best seller product the Parking Blocks, this product is satisfaction guarantee, the parking blocks is a top of the line traffic products, great to be placed in any parking areas, such as: schools, public, parking lots, public parks, private companies, mall parking building, even in private condos and residential areas.

SKU Description Length Height Width Weight
UPB01-3004-8B Handicap Rubber Parking Block-
Steel Spike Asphalt – Hardware Included
6″ 4″ 5-7/8″ 34 lbs
7501042060623 21″ Home Parking Durable Wheel Stops 21″ 4″ 5″ 8 lbs
UPB01-3004-8 6 Foot Parking Block – Hardware Included 6″ 4″ 5″ 34 lbs