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Our traffic products are top quality and very helpful to keep roads and parking spaces safe. Unimat portable speed bump are ideal for slowing vehicle speeds to a minimum in parking facilities, parks, schools, etc. With in-molded reflective highway tape in yellow, these highly visible devices help increase both driver and pedestrian safety. Made with high quality EPDM rubber compound, 25% recycled rubber content. Our 6’ portable speed bump have many benefits and they are very easy to install, some of the great benefits are:

  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation with anchoring spikes or lag bolts.
  • Optional end caps to protect bump ends as well as vehicles.
  • Cat’s eye reflectors to optimize visibility at night.
  • Can be lined together to cover the width of any roadway, to cover single or double lane areas.
  • Can be easily removed for storage / relocation.
  • Can be used for temporary or permanent installation.
  • Resistant to very drastic weather conditions.

Unimat 6’ portable speed bumps are made from superior quality recycled rubber that is durable, holds up to heavy traffic, and can be placed asphalt or concrete surfaces. The portable speed bumps are perfectly designed to work well in low light areas due to its yellow strips and design, in addition, Unimat 6’ speed bumps provide safety since they are skid-resistant surface. Its modular allows that the pieces can be easily connected to multiple speed bumps together, so you can cover a single or double lane area very easily.

6’ portable Rubber Speed Bumps have cat’s eye reflectors for high visibility. Portable Speed bumps are made with recycled rubber to provide weather resistant even resistant to chemical material. Speed bumpers allow permanent installation with Optional Steel Spikes for use in asphalt and Lag Bolts and Lead Shields for use in concrete. In our great prices we include hardware and we offer great 5 years Warranty.

Recycled Rubber Heavy Duty Speed Bump
SKU Description Length Height Width Weight
SB206FT 6 Ft Speed Bump (1) 6′ Section With no End Caps 72″ 2″ 12″ 48.40
SB207FT 7 Ft Speed Bump (1) 6′ Section + (2) End Caps 86″ 2″ 12″ 55.40
SB213FT Single Lane 12 Ft Speed Bump (2) 6′ Section With no End Caps 144″ 2″ 12″ 96.80
SB219FT Double lane 19 Ft Speed Bump (3) 6′ Section + (2) End Caps 230″ 2″ 12″ 152.20
SB225FT 25 Ft Speed Bump (4) 6′ Section + (2) End Caps 302″ 2″ 12″ 200.60
SB2ECAP End cap 7′ 2′ 12′ 3.50