Speed Bumps

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What are rubber speed bumps?

Rubber speed bumps are devices used to slow down traffic on roads and highways. They are typically made up of rubber and are designed to lessen the impact of a vehicle by absorbing some of the energy created by a car’s momentum.

How do rubber speed bumps work?

When a vehicle passes over the rubber speed bumps, the rubber absorbs some of the energy created by the car’s momentum and this reduces the speed of the car significantly.

What is the purpose of rubber speed bumps?

The purpose of rubber speed bumps is to slow down traffic on roads and highways to reduce the risk of accidents.

Are rubber speed bumps effective?

Yes, rubber speed bumps are an effective way to slow down traffic and reduce the risk of accidents on roads and highways.

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High-quality speed bumps

High-quality speed bumps are traffic calming devices designed to slow down vehicles and improve road safety. They are typically installed in areas where speeding is a concern, such as residential neighborhoods, school zones, parking lots, and commercial areas. These speed bumps are engineered and constructed to meet specific standards to ensure effectiveness, durability, and minimal disruption to drivers.

Premium speed bumps

“Premium speed bumps” is not a standardized term, and the features of such speed bumps can vary depending on the manufacturer and specific use case. However, premium speed bumps generally refer to high-quality, well-designed, and durable traffic calming devices that are often used in areas where safety and traffic management are of utmost importance.

Heavy duty speed bumps

Heavy-duty speed bumps are robust traffic calming devices designed to withstand high levels of traffic, including large vehicles and trucks, while effectively reducing speed and enhancing road safety. These speed bumps are typically used in areas where heavy traffic is a concern, such as industrial zones, distribution centers, logistics hubs, and areas with significant truck or bus traffic.