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Unimat removable speed bumps are designed to make drivers to slow down in critical pedestrian areas, in these areas safety it very important. These areas include parking lots, crosswalks and other walkable areas. Unimat parking lot and speed bumps will slow traffic down to 2-5 mph. Our company has a great variety of traffic products, all of them are very easy to be installed.

Removable speed bumps are safe and easy for one person to transport and install. Our traffic products are high quality and will help maintained schools, parking lots and roads safe. 
Removable speed bumps are a great way to instantly calm and reduce vehicle traffic speed in a specified location for a temporary period of time. Unimat removable speed bumps are designed exclusively to make easy to calm traffic during certain hours near school yards and playgrounds or during community events and fairs.

Keep traffic flowing smoothly through residential streets, parking lots and other high traffic areas with Unimat removable speed bumps. Made of durable, weather-resistant rubber our traffic products will last many years of dependable use. Speed humps are an excellent alternative for these areas where safety is needed.

Removable speed bumps have many benefits, these are some of them:

  • Excellent product to reduce vehicle traffic speed and increase safety.
  • Non-skid surface, very durable and resistant.
  • Embedded yellow EPDM rubber for high visibility.
  • Ideal to be used in areas like: parking lots, schools, public playgrounds, hospitals zones and residential & industrial areas.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Installation can be placed on concrete or asphalt.
  • Perfect for any type of weather conditions, this product is very resistant, will not crack or break.
  • Mounting screw included. Select below if you need them for asphalt.

Removable Speed bumpers allow permanent installation with Optional Steel Spikes for use in asphalt and Lag Bolts and Lead Shields for use in concrete. In our great prices we include hardware and we offer great 5 years Warranty.

Recycled Rubber Speed Hump
SKU Description Length Height Width Weight
SH1018I 18.75″ Speed Bump (1) 18.75″ Section with no End Caps 18.75″ 1.25″ 2″ 22.20
SH1112I 112.5″ Single Lane Speed Bump (6) 18.75″ Sections with no End Caps 112.5″ 1.25″ 2″ 133.20
SH1128I 10 Ft Single Lane Speed Bump (6) 18.75″ Sections + (2) End Caps 128.5 1.25″ 2″ 148.80
SH1225I 225″ Double Lane Speed Bump (12) 18.75″ Sections with no End Caps 225″ 1.25″ 2″ 266.40
SH1241I 20 Ft Double Lane Speed Bump (12) 18.75″ Sections + (2) End Caps 241″ 1.25″ 2″ 282.00
SH1ECAL LEFT End Cap 8″ 1.25″ 2′ 7.80
SH1ECAR RIGHT End Cap 8″ 1.25″ 2′ 7.80