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  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Suitable to improve safety for parks, school zones, commercial areas, residential areas, industrial areas, sporting venues.
  • Specially designed to slow down vehicle traffic.
  • High quality rubber construction to improve durability, ideal for any type of weather conditions.
  • Bright yellow embedded EPDM rubber to improve visibility.
  • Male and Female end cap available to create 360° transitions.
  • Non-skid surface.
  • 54 Mounting holes (1-1/8″D Countersink, 1/2″D ) for permanent installation on concrete or asphalt.
  • Mounting screw included. Select below if you need them for asphalt or concrete.
SKU Description Length Height Width Weight
SH2019I 19.75″ Speed Bump
(1) 19.75″ Section With no End Caps
19.75″ 2″ 3″ 48.00
SH2121I 10 Ft Single Lane Speed Bump
(5) 19.75″ Sections + (2) End Caps
121.75″ 2″ 3″ 273.00
SH2240I 20 Ft Double Lane Speed Bump
(11) 19.75″ + (2) End Caps
240″ 2″ 3″ 561.00
SH2ECAL LEFT End cap 11.5″ 2″ 3″ 16.00
SH2ECAR RIGHT End cap 11.5″ 2″ 3″ 16.00

Enhancing Safety in Parking Areas, Alleys, and Driveways with Unimat Traffic’s Speed Bumps and Humps

Unimat Traffic offers a reliable solution for improving safety in parking areas, alleys, and driveways through the use of speed bumps and humps. These traffic management tools serve multiple purposes, including alerting drivers to pedestrian walkways and regulating vehicle speeds in congested environments. Unimat Traffic provides these speed control options in two materials: high-quality rubber and durable recycled plastic.

Our premium rubber speed bumps and humps surpass their concrete counterparts in longevity, significantly reducing the need for maintenance. These safety features enhance both pedestrian safety and traffic control across a wide range of applications, ensuring a secure crossing area for pedestrians and effectively managing vehicle speeds