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Road accident rates and the smaller ones are still one of the biggest concerns we have, these groups are usually at greater risk, due to their vulnerability and the propensity that they have to suffer in accidents in their condition of pedestrians.
In the expansion of cities, population density and communications improvements, it is advisable to start with training on road safety and responsibility from a young age. Children are the drivers of tomorrow and their training in this field is of vital importance, that’s why speed bumps are great to help preventing drivers from speeding on the roads.

Although the school plans of today include some days on road safety on a regular basis, there are also free courses through the municipalities, all to improve safety and avoid misfortunes, additionally it’s a good idea to involve the use of speed bumps in the process.

The sooner you know the traffic signals much better, this should be the basic premise of this type of courses. Throughout the courses, children, among other things, learn the meaning of: pedestrian crossing, zebra crossing, bus stop, STOP, direction required, forbidden direction, traffic light (what is, their implications in the passage of pedestrians, etc …)
In this way they learn to differentiate all elements of public roads: sidewalk, curb and road, knowing where and how to cross.

Recycled Rubber Speed Hump
SKU Description Length Height Width Weight
SH1018I 18.75″ Speed Bump (1) 18.75″ Section with no End Caps 18.75″ 1.25″ 2″ 22.20
SH1112I 112.5″ Single Lane Speed Bump (6) 18.75″ Sections with no End Caps 112.5″ 1.25″ 2″ 133.20
SH1128I 10 Ft Single Lane Speed Bump (6) 18.75″ Sections + (2) End Caps 128.5 1.25″ 2″ 148.80
SH1225I 225″ Double Lane Speed Bump (12) 18.75″ Sections with no End Caps 225″ 1.25″ 2″ 266.40
SH1241I 20 Ft Double Lane Speed Bump (12) 18.75″ Sections + (2) End Caps 241″ 1.25″ 2″ 282.00
SH1ECAL LEFT End Cap 8″ 1.25″ 2′ 7.80
SH1ECAR RIGHT End Cap 8″ 1.25″ 2′ 7.80