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Our excellent plastic speed bumps are made to force drivers to slow down and drive safely. Plastic speed bumps are an excellent solution if you are looking to reduce traffic speeds. Us Unimat Traffic are the leader in the country for distributing plastic speed bumps.

Our plastic speed bumps will increase significantly the safety of pedestrians. Here in our online store you can buy easy and fast and our prices are the best in the market.

Unimat plastic traffic bumps have molded reflective tape and include cat’s eye reflectors that will increase visibility during the day and night. Speed bumps are used in areas where vehicles need to proceed at much slower speeds, like school zones, public parks, parking buildings, private condominiums and many others. Plastic speed bumps have become the traffic control tool of choice for many of our customers because they are extremely simple install. We offer a variety of sizes with high quality and excellent durability. Our plastic speed bumps have many benefits, we have all products available in stocks and ready to ship right away!

Our plastic speed bumps are exactly what you are looking for, some of the best futures are

  • Made out of heavy duty rubber material.
  • Excellent product to reduce vehicle traffic speed and increase safety.
  • Non-skid surface, very durable and resistant.
  • Embedded yellow EPDM rubber for high visibility.
  • Ideal to be used in areas like: parking lots, schools, public playgrounds, hospitals zones and residential & industrial areas.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Installation can be placed on concrete or asphalt.
  • Perfect for any type of weather conditions, this product is very resistant, will not crack or break.
  • Mounting screw included. Select below if you need them for asphalt or concrete.
  • Guaranteed 5 Years.

Maintain a safe pedestrian environment by slowing down vehicle traffic with our great plastic speed bumps, from our 2’ Modular Unimat – Speed Hump to our 3’ Premium Unimat – Speed Hump, our products will give you total satisfaction and your roads will be safe and people as well, areas like parking lots and much more will be protected.

Recycled Rubber Speed Hump
SKU Description Length Height Width Weight
SH1018I 18.75″ Speed Bump (1) 18.75″ Section with no End Caps 18.75″ 1.25″ 2″ 22.20
SH1112I 112.5″ Single Lane Speed Bump (6) 18.75″ Sections with no End Caps 112.5″ 1.25″ 2″ 133.20
SH1128I 10 Ft Single Lane Speed Bump (6) 18.75″ Sections + (2) End Caps 128.5 1.25″ 2″ 148.80
SH1225I 225″ Double Lane Speed Bump (12) 18.75″ Sections with no End Caps 225″ 1.25″ 2″ 266.40
SH1241I 20 Ft Double Lane Speed Bump (12) 18.75″ Sections + (2) End Caps 241″ 1.25″ 2″ 282.00
SH1ECAL LEFT End Cap 8″ 1.25″ 2′ 7.80
SH1ECAR RIGHT End Cap 8″ 1.25″ 2′ 7.80